Artist Blog

Jul. 18, 2018

Hello, world! I drew for the first time in nearly a month today. It felt good to be creative. I even did some silly doodles on an index card before bed. I'm feeling stressed about my job and my life which is largely why I stopped posting my art online.

Posting my art online felt like too much pressure. It made me feel bad to be a "hobby artist" and made me feel like I needed to make a profit from my art to be a 'true artist' - whatever that means. I still want to share my art with the world, though! Or maybe not the world, but a small chunk of it.

I also felt like my art was too amateurish to post online, too. I felt like my art didn't "say" anything. I didn't have a motive, I didn't have a message - it was just pretty or cool. But I want to say things with my art. I want to show cool, interesting ideas that make you think. Like this piece by Borja Gonzalez.

Here's what I drew today - in case you're interested...!